Instructor FAQs

What makes this website different from other local business directories?

This website is different from other local business directories like True Local, Yellow Pages etc because:

  • We are specialised in Driving School business.
  • We don’t list everything.
  • We strive to bring more students to your business.

How do I change to a Featured Instructor?

Step 1: Login to the site.

Step 2: Click the Upgrade button on the menu bar.

Step 3: Follow the steps to upgrade.

Who can use this website?

This site is targeted at bringing together two groups of people:

  • People seeking driving lessons
  • Driving instructors

Our goal is to provide an independent platform for learners and driving instructors.

Do you take any commission from the payment?

No. Any payment is arranged purely between instructor and learner.

We do not handling any payments.

We do not take any types of commissions because we are not affiliated with any driving schools or instructors.

What is the cost for instructors?

It is free for instructor if you are on basic plan. You only pay if you want to become a featured instructor,which will give you more exposure to our visitors.

Check this page out for the difference between basic and feature listing.

What are the benefits for instructors?

  • Free to join
  • More business
  • No commission
  • Set your own fee