Learner FAQs

Who can use this website?

This site is targeted at bringing together two groups of people:

  • People seeking driving lessons
  • Driving instructors

Our goal is to provide an independent platform for learners and driving instructors.

Do you take any commission from the payment?

No. Any payment is arranged purely between instructor and learner.

We do not handling any payments.

We do not take any types of commissions because we are not affiliated with any driving schools or instructors.

How do know if a listed instructor can be trusted?

You can check their profile,reviews and ratings on the instructor page.
We also have three-strikes-out policy.
If we hear three complains about a instructor, this instructor will be removed from our listing.

What is the cost for learners?

For learners using this site is and always will be completely free!

How do I know the reviews are genuine?

Only registered learners can review instructors. Also they can only provide maximum of two reviews.

What are the benefits for learners?

  • No fee at all
  • Save time for shopping around
  • Instructors come to you
  • More confidence with your choice