Full Name Jamie Orruso
Gender Female
State VIC
Vehicle Type Auto
Created Date 09 Mar 2017
Needs Pickup Yes
Driving Skill Level Beginner
Preferred Language English
Preferred Instructor Gender Not mentioned
Contact Number only visible to featured instructor

Other Requirements

Hi there,
My name is Michelle and I am a Refuge Case Support Worker from Elisabeth Morgan House. A client of mine is a single mother who receives a government pension and has come to live at our refuge to escape domestic violence. She has two children 7. & 4 and she hopes to attend tafe soon. I appealing to your good nature and I am asking for a fair discount or a waiver of fees as she is 25 years old and does not qualify for the L2P Program. Moreover, I hope that you can provide us with your expertise enabling Jamie to obtain her full licence.
I hope that you can help this family and be apart of the team that empowers
her to create a beautiful life and future for her family.
Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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