Lynette Fraser-Church Point NSW


Full Name Lynette Fraser
Gender Female
State NSW
Vehicle Type Auto
Created Date 09 Oct 2019
Needs Pickup No
Driving Skill Level Intermediate
Preferred Language Australian English
Preferred Instructor Gender Don’t Care
Contact Number only visible to featured instructor

Other Requirements

Lynette already holds an unconditional NSW drivers licence (Class “C”), but is aged 77, and will be doing a driving assessment on a Mazda 3 automatic, on 18 October. The driving test follows from the RMS Medical Assessment for over 75 drivers, she has short term memory loss. She traditionally drives a VW Up Manual, and, in my opinion, is a good driver, except that she tends to lug the engine in higher gears through changing up early, and not changing down as early when required as I reckon she should!!! I know the test will be on a Mazda 3 Automatic, and thereby the only difference (apart from Auto/manual) will be the trafficator being on the RHS. Have you got anyone available with the requisite qualifications to conduct these tests, and with a similiar car to the actual test vehcle (Auto Mazda 3), who can give her a preliminary run, ASAP to assist in her being OK for her actual later test? Phone contact is (02) 9997 6675


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