How to do parallel parking

Learning how to park a car is one of the driving skills a learner must master. One type of parking that every new driver ought to know is the reverse parallel parking. Parallel parking isn’t really tough to master but it could be quite tricky if you don’t understand the method. It requires some practice and simple methods.

All of us know exactly what parallel parking is. It is started by parking behind a car that is already parked and has an empty parking space behind it. Your job is to park your car between the other two cars and get it as close to the kerb as possible. I will show you some reverse parking tips and techniques below with easy steps.

There are essentially four steps to successfully accomplish this manoeuver. 

In order to parallel park the driver should turn the steering wheel 3 times: to the left, straight and to the right.

Step 1:  The rear door of your car has a small triangle window. When the driver sees the back of the neighbouring car on the left hand side
in this window, turn the steering wheel to the left

Step 2: Then the driver looks into the right side view mirror, when the driver sees the whole rear car, turn the steering wheel to the straight position.

Step 3: The driver looks at the left side view mirror, when it aligns with the corner of the car in the front, turn the steering wheel to the right.
and keep driving back until the car is parallel to the kerb.

Step 4: Then the driver just needs to place the car into the middle of the parking place.

The following video will show you how to do it in action:

With practice you will get a feel for how close you should be to the kerb. Avoid letting your tyres touching the kerb and don’t guide whilst stationary.These steps have the tendency to be smooth as soon as you have actually genuinely understood parallel parking. This will not take you long before you do parking just like anybody else that is simply driving a car.